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Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy

At Emerald Hills Sports & Physio, we offer multiple different types of massage in Sherwood Park, AB. We also provide massage therapy that is designed to assist with full mobility, muscle release and improved posture, as well as massage that can target any underlying concerns. For those that play sports, we also offer some of the top-quality athletes massage in Sherwood Park.

With our broad range of massage techniques, we are able to assist your mind, body and soul.

If you are unaware of which massage type will best suit your needs, our trained massage therapists can provide a consultation before your appointment to discuss your concerns and goals.

Please see below for a list of the different massage services that we provide:

Relaxation Massage

The goal is to relax the entire body through various techniques such as long, flowing strokes using light to medium pressure. Your session will address such issues as stress, tension and mild to moderate muscle discomfort. Relaxation massage is often recommended for first time massage clients and is excellent for improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage assists with pain management, stress reductionnand concerns with posture. Our massage therapist will apply steady, kneading pressure to improve range of motion in an area that is especially tender or tense – such as a frozen shoulder. Therapeutic massage generally uses more pressure than a relaxation massage. 

Active Release Therapy

Active Release Therapy Massage (also known as ART) is a massage modality that combines careful pressure and manipulation of an affected area. ART is successful with improving tennis elbow, back pain and other soft tissue restrictions that result in mobility problems. During your active release therapy, scar tissue is broken down to optimize movement and function.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists may move their practices to help treat patients with chronic pain, sports injury, or those who have recently undergone surgery. Occupational therapy is applied by combining the therapeutic use of daily movements and can activate with other exercise-based modalities.

Manual Therapy & Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is used to treat immobility within the skeletal muscle, as well as related muscles. The goal following myofascial release is to improve lymphatic circulation, stretch muscles, improve reflexes and improve blood flow. The therapist will apply pressure to the connective tissues to restore motion.

Spinal Manipulations

Spinal manipulation includes maneuvering of the synovial joints with strategic movements to the area. It uses a combination of therapies (such as physiotherapy, massage, exercises and movements) to relieve joint pressure, improve nerve function, assist with circulation and reduce inflammation. Most commonly, spinal manipulation is performed on the shoulder, neck, back and head.

Intra-Muscular Stimulation

Intra-muscular stimulation (or IMS) is a massage therapy technique that treats pain due to sensitivity in the nerves. It involves using acupuncture needles to treat muscles that are tight. IMS can be used to treat neuropathic pain and shortened muscles. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a style of massage that is designed to get into the connective tissue of the body, rather than just the surface muscles. A variety of techniques are used to deeply penetrate the muscles and fascia, loosening them and releasing tension. Many clients have a more intense experience with a deep tissue massage, but also feel that it is more beneficial for many cases because it addresses deep-seated muscle pains.

Like other types of massage, deep tissue massage is most beneficial when undertaken on a regular basis. That way, both the therapist and client can work together to correct long term problems, relax the body and prevent injury. See for yourself why we are amongst the leading experts with deep tissue massage in Sherwood Park!

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If you are looking to book a massage in Sherwood Park with direct billing, call us or fill out our contact form! We look forward to helping you relax and repair any of your sore muscles and joints.

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