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A Glass Of Water After The Massage: Is It Necessary?

Sherwood Park Massage TherapyHave you recently had a whole-body massage and soon after the masseuse was done, he asked you to drink a glass of water? Although you gladly obliged as you feel it would be rude not to, you were left wondering why the gesture. You thought it was something that they have gotten used to with other clients that’s why they also asked you to do it. But did you know that drinking at least a glass of water after a deep tissue massage is more than just a friendly gesture?

Most practitioners believe that massage treatments help release unwanted toxins from the muscles into the bloodstream. They suggest that the glass of water helps the pancreas as well as the kidneys to process the toxins and release it from the body. While massage is known to provide immediate relief to sore muscles, it has also been proven to help people with conditions such as anxiety, childhood constipation and even various types of cancers.

Although most massage therapists won’t go into detail as to what type of toxins are released in the body and how the water helps the body deal with that, as a precautionary principle, it doesn’t hurt to drink water right? It is not a problem at all. There’s no need to worry about whether you are overhydrating yourself, what matters is that the body gets the relief it needs from the massage and the glass of water helps you feel good from the inside too.

But what do you Get From Drinking a Glass of Water?

·         First, water helps the body maximize its potential performance. Keeping the body hydrated helps ensure that it can perform the tasks it’s supposed to. It is particularly important to drink a glass of water or more after engaging in intense exercise or when exposed to high heat. A drink of water after a massage helps keep the body hydrated and that is why it has become a healthy practice for most people.

·         Second, drinking a glass of water helps keep the brain functions. Did you know that even mild dehydration can already impair a good number of brain functions? In fact, losing only 1% of water from your body undermines both focus and mood, increasing the frequency of headaches. It is indeed best to drink water as it is good for your body.

·         Lastly, drinking water can relieve constipation. It is a common problem of slow bowel movements making it difficult for people to pass stool. Increase in fluid intake helps the body deal with this problem. 

Is it necessary to drink a glass of water after getting a massage? It depends on how you look at it. Water is beneficial for the body in more ways than one. Those are more than enough reasons for you to drink a glass of water or more.