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Benefits of Active Release Technique

Edmonton Massage TherapyThe Active Release Technique or often referred to as the ART is a combination of manipulation and movement. It targets the soft tissues in the body to help alleviate pain and discomfort. Although it has been around for more than thirty years or so, there are still a lot of people who could benefit from undergoing such treatment.

What does ART come with?

The practice of ART entails the identification of where scar tissues have formed, isolating it for treatment and targeting the affected areas to ensure that the tissues are broken apart. Not only does it help manage the pain, but it promotes regular blood flow that will help in the recovery of an injury. Also, if you are wondering if ART is something that you should be trying, here is a list of the problem areas in the body that could benefit from the Active Release Technique.

- Nerves

- Muscles

- Ligaments

- Tendons

The treatment has been used to treat the soft tissue disorder among the elite athletes before. But since then, it has become popularly used among many who deal with the same problem. Physical therapists are trained in the various techniques that come individually with such kind of treatment. They can help you deal with the pain and discomfort that may occur with your soft tissue condition.

What Body Parts can be Treated?

The Active Release Technique is used to treat pain that may be felt in various parts of the body. The pain may have been caused by trauma or an injury that may have damaged the following:

- Fascia – this is a fibrous tissue that covers the entire body as a form of protection. It also helps support and muscles and organs in the body to keep them in place. Inflammation across a band of fascia could put the patient in extreme pain, that can sometimes be unbearable. If you have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, then you should consider undergoing ART.

- Major Muscle Group – whether you are a professional athlete or someone who has been training at the gym to improve their physique hopefully could sometimes overuse the muscles. When the neck, back, and shoulders start to hurt, it is best to consider ART.

- Ligaments and Tendons – ligaments connect bones to the other bones in the body. Tendons, on the other hand, connect the bones to the muscles. When these parts of the body are injured, they can cause pain that could hinder you from moving around like you used to. Your range of motion is significantly affected.

The goal of ART as a treatment is to break the formation of scar tissues and adhesions to help patients gain full recovery. By breaking the scar tissues, the muscles and joints can glide as it used to, allowing the patient to move again without any pain freely.