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Can Massage Therapy Help the Menstrual Pain?

Massage Therapy

If you are interested in this topic then probably you or someone near and dear to you may suffer from menstrual pain. A witty quote by the author Sylvia Young states- "Leaders bleed, period." Men might lead in the politics and business, but women are the real leaders for raising and bonding in a family.

Around the world, about 80% of females suffer from menstrual pain. The pain is severe enough in about 10% to disrupt their normal routine lives. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to naturally diminish the period pain.

Impacts the Right Areas

An expert massage therapist can ease your pain by applying pressure in the right regions. The abdomen muscles tighten in response to a release of the hormones. There are specific areas in the abdomen which a professional therapist would expertly massage to reduce your pain. He can also pressurize your back and thighs to provide you relief from heavy cramps.

Targets the Nerve Zones

An experienced massage therapist would stimulate your nerve zones present in the hands and the feet. Massaging the right locations present on your hands and feet can relieve you of your period pain. As this massage is not as intrusive as the other massages, you would experience your emotional balance restored.

Detoxes the Body

Massages (especially a lymphatic drainage massage) detox the body. It negates the side effects of menstrual cramps such as bloating and water retention.

Cupping to Reduce Period Cramps

Cupping is the process wherein small spherical cups are placed over the patient’s body on predesignated points. The cups set in this fashion would create a mild suction. The suction stimulates the blood flow in the lower abdomen. The blood flow in the lower abdomen normalizes the muscle contraction and thus reduces the period cramps.

Oil Massage for Multiple Benefits

There are multiple types of oil massage which are quite effective during the menstrual pain.

1) Lavender Oil - Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It also provides relief from anxiety and depression.

2) Clary Sage Oil - The application of clary sage oils aids in the regulation of the menstrual cycle. It negates even the troublesome symptoms of menopause.

3) Marjoram Oil - Marjoram oil acts as a natural painkiller. It also dilates the blood vessels; normalizing the blood flow. The normalized flow of the blood eases the menstrual cramps.

Massage therapy can help you with your menstrual pain by acting against the usual troublesome symptoms. About 90% of women report a reduction in menstrual cramps after receiving massage therapy. Also, many women inform that massage therapy just before their period dates prevents the menstrual pain altogether. Why don’t you try massage therapy to experience the benefits? Get in touch with us to book for a massage therapy session now!