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Common Sports Injuries: Prevention And Cure

Sportspersons would be the first to admit that their profession is tied to an ever impending risk of injury. It is also true that certain sports injuries are more common than others. Hence, it would be prudent to safeguard ourselves against these injuries before engaging in vigorous sports activities. In case these injuries do occur, you should also be well-versed with the treatment for the same. Here is a brief list of the commonly occurring injuries alongside the prevention tactics and cure for them:

Ankle Sprain

This is one of the most commonly occurring sports injuries. An ankle sprain generally involves the inward twisting of the muscles surrounding the ankle which results in a ligament tear and in some cases a minor fracture. Basketball, hockey and volleyball players are more prone to these injuries than other athletes.


These injuries could be prevented with the help of special exercises such as ankle lifts. However, a professional physiotherapist should be consulted for suitable guidance prior to these exercises.


It is better if you do some stretches to aid the circulation after a rest period of one day. It is important to gently move your ankle in order to quicken the healing process. Opting for sports physiotherapy at Sherwood Park could also help you practice specially designed exercises and ankle movements that speed your recovery.

Tennis Elbow

Repetitive shoulder movement eventually results in wear and tear of the muscles in your elbow. This would eventually result in the formation of tiny tears in your tendons. Golf and tennis players are more prone to this injury.


There is not much that you could do against the gradual process of natural wear and tear, except perform specific forearm strengthening exercises regularly which would slow down the process of tearing.


An extended break from the sport might be necessary to allow crucial repair time. Continual physiotherapy is also a preferred cure alongside anti-inflammatory medication. Select a Sherwood Park facility that house qualified sports physiotherapy to aid the process of recovery.

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis is a common injury for sportspersons who do excessive running and jumping as these activities involve unrestrained usage of the ankle. This is a concern because the tendon is situated at the back of the ankle and is prone to inflammation.


Prevention measures for this injury include consistent stretching and muscle strengthening exercises for which, many athletes seek sports physiotherapy.


Adequate rest, with periodic application of ice and compression, are known common methods for this injury. Additionally, RICE and appropriate sports physiotherapy which aims to strengthen the calf muscles is also a suitable option.

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