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Four Benefits Of Intramuscular Stimulation

Intramuscular Stimulation PhysiotherapyIntramuscular Stimulation (IMS) or dry needling is a frequently used physiotherapy treatment. Originating from western medicine, this therapy is used to treat all radiculopathy related conditions namely, muscle tightness, numbness or tingling sensation in any part of the spine.

IMS is also used to treat inflammation and pain caused due to minor injuries. Sportsmen are usually prone to accidents as they perform extensive physical activity every day. In some cases, the injuries caused show minimal signs of damage or muscle tear but the resulting pain is excruciating. IMS is the answer to such painful, physical ailments. However, unlike acupuncture, most people are apprehensive about opting for intramuscular stimulation physiotherapy as it is a relatively newer form of treatment. Here we will focus on the top 4 benefits of intramuscular stimulation therapy to help you understand this treatment better:

1) Eliminates Chronic Neuropathic Pain

People frequently experience chronic neck or back pain while working. This happens when the muscles in your back or neck tighten. Exercises do give some temporary relief to these ailments. But, the next time there is an episode of muscle tightness, the discomfort worsens. Intramuscular stimulation physiotherapy uses really thin needles on muscle trigger points to relieve pain. The tension around the affected nerves is then reduced which eliminates pain. Based on the expert advice of physiotherapists, IMS sessions are performed on patients at regular intervals for a limited period of time.

2) Provides Pain Relief For Minor Injuries

IMS therapy is useful in treating conditions like a headache, backache, frozen shoulder, whiplash, tennis elbow and injuries involving minimal muscle damage. It is a highly recommended form of physiotherapy used to treat conditions involving pain in the deepest of muscles. The inserted needles relieve muscle tension and aid in muscle sensitization. IMS therapy works really well for people who are not in a condition to do exercise therapy.

3) Treats Reduced Range Of Motion

Injuries and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis lead to a reduced range of motion. This affects the flexibility of the body and a person’s ability to move his/her limbs. In some cases, this condition is also painful. In recent years, IMS therapy has gained popularity in treating cases where patients have been experiencing a limited range of motion. A few sessions under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist is known to show major improvements in patients.

4) Shows Results Within The First Few Sessions

Nobody likes to go through treatment throughout their life. IMS therapy sessions provide quick results, relieving patients’ pain in the first few sessions itself. In case of acupuncture, it gets difficult to predict the length of treatment as it used to cure a variety of conditions. IMS physiotherapy, on the other hand, can usually deliver results in a shorter duration of treatment.

There are many physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton which provide IMS therapy but for a holistic therapy experience, get in touch with our experts at Emerald Hills Physio and Sports Clinic today.