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How Deep Massage Therapy Helps With Injury Rehabilitation

All Deep Massage Sherwood Park

You probably know what a massage therapy involves. Deep massage therapy is similar to any massage therapy, but as the name suggests, it uses the deeper pressure that helps to release tension even further. This technique focuses primarily on the deeper layers of the muscles and the fascia. One of the surprising benefits of all deep massage in Sherwood Park is that it significantly helps with injury rehabilitation. These injuries can be due to sports, overexertion of body parts, or even fractures. Let us understand how deep massage help in these kinds of injury rehabilitation.

Reduces Recovery Time

Carbonic acid and lactic acid are two waste products that can build up within the muscles when the body or body part is not in motion for a long time due to an injury. These waste products delay the recovery of any injury in the human body. Deep massage therapy enhances blood circulation to the injured body part. Blood helps distribute nutrients and hormones to the affected area. Increased blood circulation eliminates these waste products and facilitates quick recovery of injuries.

Facilitates Muscle Flexibility

Most injuries such as fractured bones, strains, or tissue damage cause some loss of neuromuscular flexibility. This happens due to inflammation, swelling, or weakening of fascia. No matter the severity, you may develop a considerable amount of tension in the injured area. Deep massage therapy alleviates tension in the fascia to allow muscles and joints to stretch. This facilitates muscle flexibility and restores your muscle’s range of motion or movement.

Reduces Muscle Stiffness

When you have an injury, fracture, or muscle spasms, the muscles in that area become stiff and painful. This is one of the factors that restrict the movement of the body part. The deep massages work on this stiffness by relaxing the muscles. These massages stretch tight tissues and break down adhesions, thus, reducing muscle swelling, soreness, and stiffness.

Lowers Stress and Anxiety

When you are injured due to a muscle pull or broken bone, you may fear that stretching the muscles could worsen the condition. The constant sensation of soreness, pain, and swelling can put you under depression. Massages are the best remedies for relaxation and de-stressing. As deep massage therapy works on the deeper layers of your body, it provides even better relaxation to your neurons and lowers your anxiety.

All deep massage in Sherwood Park helps patients with a number of injury types due to muscle strains and accidents. In order to return to your pre-injury state in a relaxing and painless way, consider our deep massage therapy. We have a team of experienced physiotherapists who excel in providing all kinds of therapeutic and rehabilitation services.