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Physiotherapy Exercises for Cyclists

Physiotherapy Exercises for CyclistsMany cyclists know the power of cycling and the transformation it brings to your body. Cycling targets the lower body, arm muscles, and the core. Though it tones your body and builds the muscular structure, we have seen many cyclists experiencing the pain after the long ride. Therefore, it is essential for any cyclists to follow a good stretching routine (which includes regular sports physiotherapy as well) to reduce the pain and prevent further injuries. Therefore, our physiotherapists have mentioned some sports physiotherapy exercises for cyclists for a quick recovery.

Stretch the Hamstrings

Start the exercise by lying on your back. Put your left foot forward and bend your left knee on the floor. Take the yoga strap and hold the ends of the strap firmly with both the hands and place your right foot in the middle of the strap. Lift the right foot and straighten the knee as much as possible. While you straighten the knee, pull the heel of the straightened leg upwards. Keep a 90-degree angle with your ankle and pull your toes apart. Push the buttock against the floor and pull it away from the legs. Hold the position 15-20 seconds. Now, move the leg towards the left without bending the knee and lower it a little while facing upward. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds and move the leg back to the center. Do the same on the right side. Now once you have finished with the right leg, repeat the same routine with your left leg. 

Stretch the Piriformis

Start the exercise by kneeling on your right knee with a 90-degree angle. Keep your body aligned and don't sag your lower back. Place your left hand behind your back, raise the right arm upwards without raising your shoulders and breathe in. While exhaling bend the torso to the left, keeping your pelvis close to your knee and hold the stretching position for 10-15 seconds. Now change the sides and repeat the exercise to treat piriformis syndrome

Stretch the Quadriceps

Stand in a straight, stable position. Lift your left leg and bend it towards your buttocks. Hold your left ankle with both hands and bring it closer to the buttocks. You may ask a partner to support if you are having difficulty in balancing. 

Stretch the Iliopsoas

Keep your core body stable and bend forward. Move your weight to the right foot with both the foot placed on the floor. Place your hand on the floor slowly and hold the position for 15-20 seconds. Then move the weight to the other side. Switch the leg and repeat the same routine. 

Sports physiotherapy helps to prevent cycling-related injuries. We ensure you to get the benefits of cycling in a pain-free way. So visit your nearest sports physiotherapist today.