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Physiotherapy Exercises for Trigger Thumb

Physiotherapy Sherwood ParkPhysiotherapy is a science that is known to provide relief from different kinds of pain and medical ailments. One such pain that physiotherapy provides relief from is the trigger thumb pain. A trigger thumb is a condition which locks the thumb joint when bent. This occurs due to the inflammation of the thumb tendons. The symptoms of a trigger thumb include stiffness in the thumb, popping sensation and tenderness.

The treatment of trigger thumb includes surgery and medication. However, there is an alternate solution for it in physiotherapy. Physiotherapy exercises can ease the condition of trigger thumb. Here are some exercises that can help you overcome trigger thumb.

The Ball Squeeze Exercise

Since a trigger thumb is caused by the inflammation of the thumb tendon, the ball squeeze exercise works well in relaxing its symptoms such as stiffness, popping, and clicking sensation. In a ball squeeze exercise, the physiotherapists will hand you a soft ball and instruct you to squeeze the ball by applying pressure using your fingers. You can apply more force with the affected thumb as it will help strengthen the affected thumb muscle. You will see good results if you perform this exercise three to four times a day.

The Bent Finger Exercise

This is a pretty basic exercise. In this exercise, you need to bend your thumb inwards towards your palm and touch the tip of each finger starting from first to last. Hold the position of touching each finger for about 10 seconds. This will strengthen your tendon muscle. Do this exercise three to four times a day.

The Resistance Exercise

The resistance exercise is a very good exercise for not just strengthening your triggered thumb but also building the strength of all your fingers. To perform this exercise, simply put a rubber band or two around your fingers including the triggered thumb. Now gently push your fingers outwards as if you want to open your palm. Make sure that the rubber bands are providing good resistance and if not add more rubber bands. Do this for about five times a day.

The Extensor Exercise

The Extensor is another simple exercise to perform for a trigger thumb. This exercise is known to work on the oppositional tendons. To perform the extensor exercise, just place your hand flat on a table with the palm facing downwards. Now gently lift each finger and the thumb turn by turn, one at a time. Try to lift it as far as you can painlessly. Do this exercise three to four times a day.

With the help of the above-mentioned exercises, you will be able to release the tension in your tendons and get relief from the symptoms of trigger thumb. To know more exercises and to get professional help visit our physiotherapy clinic in Sherwood Park.