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Physiotherapy For Head Trauma

Head injuries can be severe and have a life-long effect on your life. At first, they may or may not be as bothersome, but things may change over time. Many such injuries require brain surgeries, which are complex in nature. Since our brain controls all our primary bodily functions through the nervous system, any damage in or around the head requires proper treatment and healing. Negligible or improper head trauma treatment may also result in brain damage, disability and even paralysis. With an increase in the number of head injuries per year in Canada, understanding its proper treatment process has become even more critical. 

Despite all precautions and medication, one of the most common problems a patient suffers after a brain surgery or head trauma treatment is headaches and constant pain around the head. To keep this in check, consulting a physiotherapist is highly advisable. This consultation starts right from the initial stage of the injury and can be continued for a longer duration after recovery, if need be.

Unlike consulting a doctor, your physiotherapist visit will be more interactional. A physiotherapist will understand the problem and welcome inputs and suggestions from you. She will then, design a plan for your recovery. This revival plan will address your individual problems, and in constant consultation with you, the physiotherapist may make changes for any recurring symptoms or uneasiness.

One of the first things that a physiotherapy session starts with is some chest clearance and breathing exercises, to help avoid any chest infections. A healthy body, devoid of any infections will recover faster.

Besides this, a physiotherapist will also help you in attaining the right posture post the injury or treatment. A wrong posture brings in more pain around the neck or head area. And, chances are that your posture is already compromised post the head injury and may already be bringing in some stiffness and pain. There are carefully customized exercises or physical activities that a physiotherapist may design for your neck and shoulder to get rid of this problem.

Furthermore, starting physical exercises at the right time and in the right way also benefits the mobility in patients with head injury. Depending on what suits you the best, a physiotherapist will advise you to start with something simple like moving out of bed, and gradually move towards doing longer walks around the room.

Besides exercises and posture correction, massage therapy may also be suggested depending on the injury. These massages are helpful in easing the pain and also address other issues painful associated with the injury that may affect your neurological well-being.

Overall, a head injury may or may not seem trivial at the start but can start affecting your day-to-day activities and will prove severe in the long run without a proper recuperation process in place.

What makes neurorehabilitation physiotherapy apt for this revival process, is that it is customised given the need of the patient, it is very simple to implement and can be continued for a longer period of time. If you have experienced an injury to your head recently, consult our experts at Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic to begin the head trauma treatment today.