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Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: How Important Is It For Recovery?

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in EdmontonRehabilitation is an integrated part of the patient’s total recovery from an injury. Post-surgical rehabilitation helps the body cope with the stress and trauma that it has been exposed to. Joint replacements and spinal surgery are three of the most common medical procedures that require post-surgical rehabilitation, but it is not limited to these three. After a simple fracture on the arm, you may be needed for the doctor to seek rehabilitation to help your body get back its strength.

A physiotherapist will readily assess your condition and provide you with a detailed evaluation of the types of therapy you need to undergo. Your post-surgical condition, as well as your goals, should help the physiotherapist make a plan to help you fully recover from the injury. In the beginning, the sessions will be based on a protocol that has been put in place. This should prepare the body for the intensive rehabilitation that it is yet to undergo.

Rehabilitation Protocol

Physiotherapy in Edmonton follows a protocol. It is designed to help the patient discover the best way to manage their condition. The physiotherapist looks into the progress of the patient and changes the procedures of the therapy from there. The changes depend on the development as well as the capacity of the patient to further the treatment to get optimum results.

The protocol is a list of guidelines on what needs to be checked with the patient after the surgery. The goal is to get the patient back on their feet where their condition can fall under what is considered as the "normal" bracket. Although patients will have different medical health concerns and health history, physiotherapists adjust the therapy they provide based on these differences in patients. It is customized to help them go back to how they were before the trauma.

Period of Rehabilitation

How long does it take for a post-surgical patient to complete therapy and go back to their normal lives? The period of rehabilitation depends on a number of different factors. The list includes the type of procedure they underwent, the general health of the patient before and after the surgery as well as their daily activities. The physiotherapist will help you through the exercise program, but the impact of it on your condition depends a lot on how you respond to it. If the patient does not cooperate and refuse to follow the treatment plan, recovery will take longer.

Safety of physiotherapy in Edmonton

The procedure that comes with post-surgical rehabilitation is entirely safe. Following verbal and physical advice of experienced physiotherapists will help strengthen the patient faster. They could get back to how they were faster without compromising their condition. Rehabilitation is safe for patients. Physiotherapists will make sure that patients only receive the appropriate therapy based on their condition.