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Recovering From A Head Injury: How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Head Trauma TreatmentAccording to a study conducted by the Northern Brain Injury Association, 452 people suffer a serious brain injury every day in Canada. This amounts to one person being injured with a traumatic brain wound every 3 minutes. Head injuries can occur because of severe impact to the brain that usually occurs while playing high-intensity sports, accidental falls or workplace disasters. Post-treatment physiotherapy can help you recover from these painful surgeries and minimize the side-effects of a brain injury. Physiotherapy helps in head trauma treatment by means of physical activities such as massage, heat treatment, and physical exercise:

First Step To Take

Consulting a professional physiotherapist is of paramount importance, as he is the one who helps you recover from this injury and mentors you back to normalcy. The recovery involves devising a 2-3 month (as required) Rehabilitation Program for the patient, in which he is placed under the extensive and specialized care of a Rehab Team. During this evaluation, the type and severity of the brain injury and the ability of the patient are assessed to figure out what kind of treatment the patient needs, in sync with his immunity level.

Initial Days

Each day, the patient engages in physical therapy with an expert. Recovering from head trauma treatment is a long and tedious process requiring utmost patience and cooperation from the patient. In the beginning, the medical staff assists the patient in even the smallest of activities such as brushing the teeth, having food and walking. This is because the patient has poor hand-eye coordination skills and functional movement at this stage. The patient is in a flummoxed state of mind and needs constant support. The physiotherapist mainly focuses on improving this balance and restoring mobility to the patient’s body.

The Rehab Team

The Rehab Team comprises medical experts such as the Physiatrist, the Neuropsychologist, the Rehabilitation Nurse, the Physical Therapist and the Occupational Therapist. All of them work towards helping the victim recover from the head injury.

1. The Physiatrist

He is the leader of the entire Rehab Team and specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He analyses the type of brain injury and decides on what treatment needs to be followed. He looks after the overall changes that occur after the damage has taken place to the brain.

2. The Neuropsychologist

He plays a pivotal role in the entire physiotherapy process. He ascertains the thinking and behavioral changes in the patient and works towards restoring the same. During the rehab program, the patient is made to stay away from home for a long period. As such, education and counseling sessions by the neuropsychologist ensure that the patient feels at home and is able to respond well to the treatment.

3. The Rehabilitation Nurse

The nurse helps the patient in adapting to the new lifestyle brought about by the head injury. She monitors the patient’s bowel movement, sleeping pattern, diet and nutrition intake, physical mobility and many more aspects to ensure a consistent recovery.

4. The Physical Therapist

His job is to ensure that the brain injury does not worsen and lead to adverse effects such as paralysis. He trains the patient in bringing him back to his feet and assists in pain management.

5. Occupational Therapist

Ease of movement is necessary to perform daily activities such as brushing, walking, cooking and eating. The OT assists the patient in optimising his movement and prepares him for life after returning home.

In the unfortunate event of a traumatic head injury, reach out to us as soon as you can. We have one of the most sought-after and successful Rehab Programs at your disposal. Our professional healthcare team will for sure ensure your steady and speedy recovery.