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Seven Tips to Relieve Back Pain

Whether at work or at home, you can be a victim of back pain due to bad posture or long hours of sitting. Back pain is a common problem among many people. Its degrees of severity vary from person-to-person and can also interfere with personal as well as professional life. There are various external remedies such as over-the-counter gels, balms, and sprays which temporarily heal back pain. Ideally, a person suffering from back pain would prefer achieving long term relief. Let us look at different ways to help you relieve your back pain.

1) Stretch Yourself Out

Stretch Yourself Out

Stretching your muscles can bring about flexibility and relaxation in a person’s body. Before and after performing exercises or any sort of physical work, stretching acts as a warm-up agent. Practicing simple yoga steps daily can relieve your back pain. The cat pose and the palm tree pose can be practiced daily for everyday relief from the tedious days work.

2) Lengthy Warm Baths

Warm water baths for a prolonged period relax your muscles. It is proven to release muscular tension. Therefore, make sure you take warm baths to feel relaxed.

3) Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm strokes and slow pressure are applied to the affected area during a deep tissue massage session. With deep tissue massage, the deep layers of the tissue, fascia, and other supportive tissues around the muscles and joints are manipulated for relief. This not only provides relief from your back pain but also has different benefits.

4) Watch Your Shoes

The soles of your feet are responsible for facilitating movement while you walk. The shoes you choose to wear have an impact on your back. Different shoes could sometimes be detrimental to your health. A certain kind of medicated shoes are suggested by doctors to treat lower back pain.

5) Claim Your Share of Laughter

Claim Your Share of Laughter

Laughter is a medicine to help relieve back pain. Laughing releases endorphins which soothes muscular tension. So make sure you laugh more often. You can even enroll yourself for laugh clubs and have light sessions with your friends.

6) Posture Police

At work, people sit for long hours in a seat without regularly checking their position. This can put pressure on their lower back. Slouching or slumping over your keyboard is injurious and can prolong your existing back pain.

7) Sleep like a Baby

Sleep like a Baby

Sleep is an all-healing medicine that relaxes your entire body. Not sleeping enough can aggravate your back pain. Place a cushion between your legs when you sleep sideways to tackle your back pain. Completing proper sleeping hours is a relaxing medication for your physical and mental well-being.

Home remedies are useful if you are consistent with the treatment. But if your pain prolongs for a long time, it is advisable to book an appointment with your physiotherapist!