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Tension: How Do You Deal With It?

Physiotherapy in EdmontonHave you been having headaches lately? Has it become difficult for you to drive the kids to school or finish your errands because of these headaches? Despite taking that nap or eating healthy for breakfast, you still suffer from headaches in the morning. This might not be a simple case of a headache. You might be suffering from a tension headache. This could last for over an hour or even for several days. If a person suffers from a tension headache for more than 15 days, doctors might recommend them to seek more aggressive treatment for chronic tension headaches.

Anyone can suffer from tension headaches at any given age. Although most studies show that women as more likely to suffer from it more than men, the overall number of patients suffering from it is growing by the minute.

Causes of a Tension Headache

The pain comes from contractions around the head, neck, and shoulders. Although doctors are still looking for the exact reasons that cause such tension, several factors come into play in triggering these contractions. However, each might be able to identify specific triggers for them.

Tension headaches are also referred to as stress headaches because stress appears to be one of the most common factors that trigger it. Lack of proper sleep, poor posture as well as exposure to radiation from mobile phones and computers are also considered as triggers to such type of a headache. While these may seem to be the most common, there is a long list of triggers that make people suffer from tension headaches. It may vary from person to person, so it is best to seek help from medical professionals.

How to Deal with Tension Headaches

In most cases, over the counter painkillers could help. However, if you have been experiencing persistent headaches and has been for over a period, your body could only take as many painkillers as it could. It would be best to have a doctor check your condition. Doctors base their recommendation for treatment depending on the identified cause of the stress headaches. Whether it is stress from home or at work, doctors make sure that you get the right therapy that you need to put an end to your sufferings.

One of the best ways to treat tension headaches is to avoid the triggers that cause them. Prevent them from happening is what doctors what you to do. You can do this by getting a massage or signing up for Yoga class to help you find peace from within. However, if a headache already sets in, it is best to put yourself in the most relaxing position possible. Make the lights dim and slowly close your eyes. Some people prefer the heat pack while others like it are cold. The choice is up to you. Go for the one that is more effective in your case.

Since the cause of tension headaches vary from person to person, the treatment plan for it differs as well. Take care of your family by taking care of yourself. Seek help when you need it before the headaches get worse.