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The Power of Pilates to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pilates is a physical fitness system that uses the functional movements and the ability to control your body. Pilates has a positive impact on strengthening your pelvic floor. The Pilates method helps to concentrate on breathing, controlling, and centring for the body. Pilates caters to everyone including all men, and also pregnant and post-pregnancy women as well. Pilates can be done by anyone as long as it directed by a doctor, especially if it is done as a part of pelvic floor dysfunction treatment. The slow and graceful movements make it accessible for anyone regardless of age and fitness level. Let’s see the benefits of pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your muscles with the power of Pilates!

Improve Flexibility

Pilates is known for helping you develop both strength and flexibility. It involves a set of stretching exercises that increase the flexibility of the body. Pilates is an excellent exercise for strengthening the pelvic floor. It is also recommended as a part of pelvic floor dysfunction treatment.

Focus on Core Muscles

The main focus of Pilates exercise is to build muscular strength on both sides of the body. Pelvic floor muscles are the core foundation of the human body. This set of fitness system involves body conditioning practice that builds core strength. Pilates is one of the best exercises to increase muscular strength and control over pelvic muscles.

Stabilize Your Spine

Pilates combine strengthening exercises with relaxation. They lighten the load on your spine and joints. This helps to correct the muscular imbalances due to bad posture. Pilates can also help in core muscles which include the diaphragm, glutes, deep muscles around the spine, and the pelvic floor.

Prevent Injuries

Muscle imbalances are caused when the muscle is not flexible. It is stressed and aches. This imbalance leads to injuries as there is poor alignment due to reduced physical activity. Proper alignment reduces the daily impact of gravity on the muscles and joints. Pilates has the power to bring your body in proper alignment, lessen the risk of strain and injury related to muscle imbalances.

Improve Concentration

The set of exercises for Pilates includes builds mental endurance, requiring your concentration through completion of each Pilates sequence. The goal of Pilates is to build enough focus and endurance to practice.

Manage Stress and Relaxation

Pelvic floor dysfunction has a wide range of problems which is associated with pelvic floor muscles being too tight or weak. Pilates is a good option to relax the muscles and make it stress-free. Pilates focuses on targeting each muscle group with a mix of dynamic and static strength training. This will also result in the release of endorphins and encouraging the body and mind to be positive.

Stabilize Pelvis and Support Organs

Frequent exercise is the best remedy to manage and stabilize your physical and mental well-being. Pilates focuses on a deep and mindful pattern of breathing which leads to relaxation of tense muscles and a positive mind.

The power of Pilates works incredibly for the pelvic floor muscles. It is essential to practice Pilates under the guidance of a qualified professional. If you require pelvic floor dysfunction treatment or to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you can contact us to get assistance. We do have Certified Pilates Clinicians.