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Three Posture Correction Methods

Posture Correction Methods

The most exceptional machinery on Earth; the human body. We have made it out of the forests and walking on all fours. The cause was the need to adapt. When the weather began heating up, we shed our hair, and when there was the need for free limbs, we stood on our feet. Every species on this Earth came up to be their probably perfect selves through evolution and adaptation. Now, what does this tell us about our body? Our bodies were made to adapt to situations. Our bodies are like moulding clay. With time the clay might get harder to put into shape, but it is not at all impossible. It will take time to melt down the mould and put it back into form, but it will happen with regularity.

How Can You Improve Your Posture?

The human mind and body crave routine. When things go out of standard order is when we start having health issues. There are posture tips that include simple stretching exercises which will pull back all your parts into place.

1) Child’s Pose

This would be the easiest posture tip for releasing the tension in your back muscles, spine, glutes and hamstrings. It stretches your back into the correct position if made regular. All you need to do is:

  • First, get on your knees and sit on the support of your shin. Rest your pelvis by putting your heels apart and your big toes touching together.
  • Slowly move your upper body forward, bending at the hip. Stretch your hands out to the front and lay them as close as you can to the ground.
  • Leave your hip free to rest on your heels by relaxing your thighs slowly.
  • Touch your head to the ground and continue breathing into your ribs and back. Continue for five minutes while relaxing the back.

2) Forward Fold

  • Stand upright and try to stretch your back as high as you can while keeping your heels apart and your toe touching.
  • Put your hands up straight above your head or keep them on the hip.
  • Bend at your hip. Keep your back straight while you bend.
  • Try bringing your nose to touch your knee height.
  • You can exert a bit of pressure for flexibility by holding your ankles and pulling towards your knees. Stay there for a few minutes.
  • Go back up while keeping your back straight and repeat the procedure a few times.

3) Chest Opener

  • Stand with your feet apart at hip length
  • Stand straight and bring your hands to your back and entwine your finger together. If your hands don’t reach, take a towel and hold it with your hands.
  • Breath-in while you look straight and push your chest towards the ceiling while forcing your hands towards the ground.
  • Breath deeply while holding this position for two minutes and repeat at least ten times.

The standard posture of the body is a straight spine and efficient muscles. But in today’s environment and our "comfort zones", our body tends to downgrade its natural strength and posture due to all the sitting and lying down. For an exclusive body regeneration routine and posture tips for your body type, contact Emerald Hill Physio.