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Treatment Of Sciatica Pain

Treatment Of Sciatica Pain

Sedentary jobs or sitting daily for an extended period could cause what is known as one of the most common ailments - sciatica. When the sciatic nerve is intensely stressed due to constant sedentary positions, this condition causes sciatica. When the nerve gets pinched, the symptoms are lower back pain, reaching down to the legs, numbness in the feet, pain in the hip, acute pain when you stand up, pain in the rear (buttock pain), weakness while standing or sitting, loss of grip while trying to elevate from a chair, and tingling in the leg and foot on one side. Treating this kind of pain and discomfort mainly entails natural non-surgical remedies like physiotherapy, after consulting a non-general doctor, chiropractic, or a qualified medical professional. If it is only required by a trained doctor, opt for surgery. There are some insights for convalescing from pain in the sciatic nerve.


Almost all pain-healing practitioners and qualified doctors prescribe walking daily for at least 30 minutes if you have this problem. Such balanced walking relieves the pain in the sciatic nerve and heals over a reasonable span of time, infused by regular walking. Brisk walking, as opposed to poor walking, is what is recommended by most qualified doctors. 


There are a fair number of exercises that can lead to relief from sciatica and eventually, freedom from this condition. Inflammation in the affected parts of the body goes away completely. Some of the exercises you can try include reclining pigeon pose, sitting pigeon pose, forward pigeon pose, knee to the opposite shoulder, sitting spinal stretch, and standing hamstring stretch.

Heat or Cold Packs

Fermentation on the hip soothes the sciatica nerve. Turgidity goes away, and the heat causes muscle relaxation, and the cold pack causes the blood to flow smoothly. Therefore, apply heating pads or cold packs to the hurting area at equal intervals till you feel relieved.


Physiotherapy is a specialized therapy where the movements by a trained physiotherapist altering the position of the limbs bring the muscles and the hip sockets to relaxation, finally releasing necessary endorphins required to ease the sciatica pain.

If you are looking for surgical treatments or non-operative treatments such as massage therapy, we provide a great medium to control sciatica. You may talk to us to find out more about our Massage packages. Another option to check out is the Piriformis Muscle Injections