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Warning Signs It May Be Vertigo

Dizziness Treatment in Sherwood Park

Vertigo is often a term used to refer to the lack of balance of the patient. It is characterized by episodes of dizziness that make it difficult for the patient to complete their tasks when necessary. But little do people know that involved vertigo issues in the inner ear of the patient. Usually, it is a result of the build-up of calcium particles in the inner ear. However, the fluid pressure in the ear, as well as the viral infection of the ear nerves, also develop into vertigo.

Feelings of unbalance like the world are tilted if not spinning or dizzy spells may be easily dismissed as effects of stress. And most of the time, they are. However, if the episodes of dizziness and seemingly tilting world becomes more frequent, it might be best to see the doctor immediately. Symptoms associated with vertigo are in this list:

Symptoms of Vertigo

  • Lack of Balance – the feeling when the world feels like spinning or when you feel like you are being tilted is the primary sign that it may be vertigo. The unbalanced sensations make you feel like you are being pulled in one direction. Standing straight or walking can become a challenge when you have vertigo.
  • Migraine-like Headaches – people who deal with a lot of stress at work and home can suffer from frequent headaches. But vertigo is a condition that makes patients suffer from extreme headaches that can become intolerable. The migraine-like headaches are caused by the build-up of calcium and the sensations of imbalance.
  • Nausea – unless you are pregnant or suspect that you are, episodes of nausea are commonly associated with vertigo. When the world is thrown off balance, that’s when the patient feels nauseous. In severe cases, it could cause patients episodes of vomiting. The more they think that the world is spinning, the more likely are they to vomit.
  • Ringing from the Inside – the loud ringing from inside the ears are also familiar to those with vertigo. The ping in the ears could cause significant discomfort. Over time, it could get worse until it develops into a cumbersome buzzing that’s painful.
  • Over Fatigue – the episodes of nausea, spinning, and feelings of imbalance can be physically exhausting, not to mention emotionally draining. Uncertain of when the events will come or how long they will last makes it even more challenging, both emotionally and physically.

Vertigo Diagnosis

How do you know it is vertigo? If you have been suffering from one or more of these early signs, it is best to consult with your trusted doctor. Getting help before dizziness gets even worse is the best way to deal with it. When you know what to do and get help from the right people, there is no way vertigo can stay in your life.