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Weight Loss Through Acupuncture: Is It Effective?

Acupuncture in EdmontonHave you been trying to lose weight? Did it seem impossible for you to get rid of all the extra bulges in the stomach? If you have tried so many ways to lose weight, but it seems nothing worked for you, the effects could be disheartening. It’s like the universe is telling you that there is nothing that you can do about your weight until someone told you to try acupuncture. Although you know how acupuncture helps relieve muscle pain, you have yet to discover its positive effects on weight loss efforts.

This ancient Chinese tradition that involves the insertion of needles in various pressure points in the body has long been recognized as one of the effective ways to relieve muscle stress. The needles are inserted into the body to help target the nerves that regulate the body’s energy and metabolism. While acupuncture can be used to help the body regulate itself, it can be used to stimulate natural weight loss by inserting needles around the mouth, stomach, spleen and thyroid glands.

Each needle is inserted up to ¼ inch deep. It can go deeper depending on what the treatment is for. It can go deep up to ½ of an inch. The Chinese believe that by doing so, we are helping the body’s nervous system to recognize that something isn’t right and that it needs to be dealt with. Although there are still a lot of people who doubt the effects of acupuncture on weight loss, what’s important is that you should keep yourself guide. If you want to give it a try, then go ahead. Here is a list that will serve as your guide through your weight loss journey through acupuncture.

·         Always go for the practitioner that is licensed to perform acupuncture therapy. Their license is your assurance that they know what they are doing. They have completed the necessary training and education needed to meet the standards of the practice. Some acupuncturists are doctors themselves while others may have a medical background to offer.

·         Stick to the treatment plan that lasts for at least ten sessions. There are no shortcuts when it comes to weight loss, and that includes weight loss through acupuncture. You need to finish the whole treatment plan to make it work. Alongside that, you will have to stick to eating healthy and engaging in regular exercise. Only then will this therapy work.

·         Don’t confuse other forms of weight loss treatment with this one. If you decide to try out acupuncture for weight loss, then stick to the program. Don’t diet yourself to death and expect healthy weight loss results just because you are doing acupuncture treatment.

Is it effective? The effects of acupuncture on weight loss goals depend a lot on the person engaged in it. But with the help of professionals, you can always give it a try and see its positive results on you and your body.