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Why Should You Try A Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Edmonton

Have you tried the deep tissue massage yet? Slow yet firm pressure strokes to reach to the deeper layers of the muscles characterizes this type of massage. It also targets the fascia, the connective tissues found around the muscles. Whether it is a pain in the lower or upper back, stiff neck or even tightness of the muscles on the legs, you will find comfort in this type of massage. It is recommended for those suffering from chronic pain.

Does Deep Tissue Massage Come with Benefits Too?

Although deep tissue massage isn’t the most popular form of massage, it remains to be one of the most important. People who enjoy getting massages regularly are yet to discover the benefits that it comes with. Unlike the popular ones, deep tissue massage is focused on alleviating a specific problem. Usually, it is prescribed by doctors to patients who are suffering from chronic pain. In particular, it addressed the following conditions:

- Low back pain

- Postural problems

- Recovery from an injury or trauma on the body

- Muscle tension

Repetitive stain injuries like the carpal tunnel syndrome

- Sciatica

- Upper back or neck pain

If you are suffering from muscle and other bodily pains, there is nothing wrong with trying the deep tissue massage as an alternative to the therapy you’re used to getting.

What can you Expect After the Massage?

While it may seem as if the strokes are much like the popular ones like the Swedish or Thai massage, the deep tissue massage is nothing like these. The primary goal of every stroke is to break up scar tissues that may already be forming and physically deal with the adhesions in the body that make it hurt. The "knots" in the muscles can disrupt the regular circulation of blood in the body which could result in a limited range of motion.

At the beginning of the massage session, light strokes and pressure may be applied to warm up and prepare the muscles. Then, specific techniques are used to target the muscles that may be causing the problem. The strokes may include those under these two types:

- Stripping – deep and gliding pressure is applied along the length of the muscle fibers. This consists of those that are found in the legs, arms, knuckles, and forearms.

- Friction – the pressure is applied to the grains of the muscles to help untie the knots. The friction is also the technique used to realign the muscle fibers and reduce the pain.

Every massage experience will be different. The relief that you feel soon after will help you realize how genuinely beneficial deep tissue massage is for you and your condition. Now, all you need is to give it a try.